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Technology is the key driver in the quest for greater efficiency. In the oil and gas industry, there is keen interest and high demand for low-cost, reliable,
Let's get over a 1000 projects in the oil and gas industry posted in the next 30 days. Visit our jobs section where you can post or view projects.
After the initial acquisition of about half of Karbon CJSC, Premier Energy Corp finally got the remaining stake, 49% of it, and the future cannot be more defined.
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Generally the floorhand is the junior position on any oil rig worksite however, floorhands often quickly rise up in the ranks.
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It is estimated that around 7,000 companies with combined annual revenue of $260 billion make up the oil and gas exploration and production industry.
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Are you interrested in a pipeline job? Here is a helpful ist of oil pipeline job descriptions.
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The oil and gas or petroleum industry is truly international. Read our overview to see if working in the oil field is a career you would like to persue.
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Offshore oil rigs can cost hundreds of millions to construct. Each oil rig creates hundreds of jobs that are necessary to keep them running 24/7.
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The oil and gas industry has many unique and varied employment opportunities.
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