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11.02.2012 08:19 0 comments Categories: Business Career Advice Education  Tags: negotiat tip tips mistake commitment example negotiations 
A common mistake when negotiating with others is expressing your opening offer as a firm commitment.
11.02.2012 05:49 0 comments Categories: Self Improvement  Tags: beauty tips tips wisdom knowledge remember helpful advice seek good kindness 
For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
02.04.2011 00:34 0 comments Categories: Reference Self Improvement  Tags: success tips help advice confidence consistancy 
We all dream of being a Success! Here are some tips to help you get there...
02.04.2011 00:26 0 comments Categories: Business Marketing  Tags: market marketing sell buy selling advertise tips 
There are several thousand reasons to advertise with Oilfield Directory - our daily visitors.
19.03.2011 23:14 0 comments Categories: Other Reference  Tags: trade show event meeting tips help prospects 
With just a few seconds to engage an attendee working a trade-show booth requires a special set of presentation skills. Here are a few tips to help you with your quick pitches.
19.03.2011 20:53 0 comments Categories: Self Improvement Reference  Tags: positive thinking self imporvement tips help 
When we turn on the news today there is hardly any good news. It is hard to be positive with so much negative information influencing us each and every day.
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