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TitlePositive Steps to Success

We all dream of being a Success! We want to be successful in school, in our jobs, in our relationships. In fact, we dream about being successful in everything. But what a challenge it is!

Most people believe they just can't achieve great success because they don't have what it takes, or because they're not well educated! They may complain that nothing ever goes right for them or that they weren't born to be successful, or even that they are too poor to even think about doing something else!

The fact is you don't need a big education or any diploma to accomplish the success you deserve.

You just need faith. Faith that you will indeed be successful, faith that you have all that it takes to make it to the top! You have to BELIEVE that YOU ARE the most successful person you ever met.

If you don't believe in yourself, who on earth will?

The most successful people in the world: businesspeople, singers, artists, doctors, lawyers, etc. all have that point in common: They all believed firmly that they were going to be exactly what they expected to be. They never doubted themselves, they had faith in their potentials and they were absolutely convinced that they would make it to the top! They never accepted a “No” for an answer. Nothing has ever stopped them, they may have slowed down, but never stopped!

Well that is fine and dandy you may think, but you may be thinking: "It's easier said than done! How can I have faith in myself, when all that I’ve done so far hasn't brought me the success I am dreaming of? Everything that I'm trying ends up in failure! Or you may say “I have attained some results, but it’s not enough!"

There is a lot of things that YOU can do to become a success in any field you choose: relationships, business, career, anything you can think of!

First, you have to understand that you will need to make an effort, not necessarily a huge one, but you will definitely need to make a consistent effort.

With anything that you're trying to attain if you don't give a consistent effort, you'll NEVER get what you expect. The main point is to believe that YOU CAN be successful, and YOU WILL indeed.

One good method is Affirmation. It doesn’t really take a great deal of effort to do. Simply keep repeating to your self some sentences like these ones:

- I am a successful person.
- I can attain any success level I desire.
- I will be rich because I deserve it!

Positive statements will help you to develop confidence which can ultimately lead to success. However, there are some rules that have to be followed when using the Affirmation Method.

• Never use any negative form in you sentences (ex: I will not fail again. It's better to use: I will succeed in everything I'm undertaking from now on.) Affirmations really work! If you affirm anything negative, that is what you'll get! So be aware of it, and be very careful in your affirmations.

• You also have to be repetitive. Repeat at least 10 to 20 times each affirmation every day, for several days. When you have a goal to attain pick 2 or 3 positive sentences that make sense to you. Write them down 10 times each, and repeat the process for at least 7 days in a row.

• Remember, consistency! You may even find it helpful to use your repetitive sentences for 2 to 3 weeks in a row or more. The longer you do it, the better results you'll get.

Affirmation can change your life for the better! This method can really change your life if you only give it a try! You will be happier with yourself.

You will gain confidence in your possibilities and chances of being successful in all the aspects of your life! Once you have achieved the success you want you may still find that sometimes things won’t go the way you want, just get out your pen and start writing positive affirmations. In no time at all you will back on the road to success!

With that simple method you can become successful in your goals. So grab a pen and get started today.

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